There are two major types of products in any vape shop, those are the hardware and juice. We only offer the "best of breed" hardware from all the top known manufacturers,  such as; Kanger, Aspire, Innokin, Smok, and many more. All of the hardware in our system, is interchangeable, so, any   tank will fit any battery in our system and vice versa. This standardization allows our customers the ability to upgrade their vape gear easily. This is a big benefit to you as a franchisee and leads to repeat customers. Happy customers, are repeat customers, and will keep coming back for coils  and juice.


At Palm Beach Vapors, we strive to remain ahead of the market. We always have the latest and greatest technology available as it is released. All of our product is backed by manufacturer warranties and guaranteed to be top quality with great performance.


Are you new to vaping or looking for an upgrade? No problem!

Let our knowledgeable associates help you get fitted from our huge selection of mods, rda’s, tanks and batteries. You can even customize, with your favorite color or style. We will take the time to educate you about your new hardware, to ensure we have perfectly matched you're smoking habits.



We carry a complete line of products, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced vapor connoisseur. We will have something for you!




We created our juices system with three goals in mind:

First, we wanted the highest quality US sourced ingredients. As a franchisee, you would purchase your concentrated flavoring and base direct from us. This allows us complete control over the components and quality of our juice across the system.

Second, a system that would ensure our franchisees the highest margins possible, on every bottle of juice sold. With our DIY system, our franchisees only have approximately $.75- $1.00 in every bottle of juice they manufacture in their stores. This system allows our franchisees very large profit margins on their juice.

Third, our system is very flexible for the franchisee but more importantly for the customer. You can fully customize your flavors to better suit your taste and needs. Wether you want one flavor or five, we can mix anything you like. Or you may choose from any of our proprietary flavors on our menu and customize with a  boost. Make is sweet, sour, spicy or minty cool with one of our flavor boosts!




Cannabis Technology

With the introduction of the M-SYSTEM in October of 2013, we now have a system which allows you to cross over to the cannabis market. With the M-SYSTEM technology you can create several cannabis infused products which can be vaped in traditional electronic cigarette hardware. Whether your interest is the recreational market or the medical market, we have products that fit. Additionally, if you are in a state with a regulated marijuana program, we can assist you with proper licensing to sell these juices. In some cases this may be in a wholesale relationship and in some cases this may be in a retail relationship, but this is mainly driven by the laws of your state.

Also, depending on the laws of your state, you may be able to offer a CBD infused vape to your market. This may be possible, depending on your state, even if you do not have a regulated marijuana program.