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Palm Beach Vapors™ prides itself on it’s unique philosophy and approach to vaping. Our personalized service, custom tailored eLiquids, and complete line of herbal products are available in Vape-able Aromatherapies, Capsules, and Essential Oils all formulated for your well-being.

New Featured Products

PBV offers a full line of hand crafted high quality Molecule-made e-liquids, made from US sourced ingredients. We have all the latest and greatest devices to deliver give you an enjoyable vaping experience. If you are not looking for smoking cessation, we also have a full line of natural herbal products to help you to achieve your health goals or wants!


Truly Customized Service

At Palm Beach Vapors, we understand everyone is different. This is why we offer free assessments in stores from one of our helpful knowledgeable staff. We will identify your individual needs and build a custom system that will work specifically for you.

The Assessment Process

When you first come to a PBV wellness store, we will work with you to determine which of our products best fit your needs. From purely vaping flavors, to nicotine reduction, or our herbal vape-able alternatives, to supplementing with our GnuPharma Herbal product lines.

If you are visiting to find an alternative to smoking, you have come to the right place. We will help you to find the perfect flavor, with either nicotine juice, or our all natural HNR Aromatherapies, which actually helps with smoking cessation. Our employees will even assist you to ensure you are happy with your decision.

Our juices are not only for smoking cessation, but are also used to deliver nutrients from herbs and spices that may help with stress, anxiety, mood, energy called GnuVape. Our HNR Aromatherapies may help with smoking cessation and lung health. If you are looking for a vape-able way to deliver our herbs and spices, and smoking cessation then our Aromatherapies products are right for you.

We will also help you to determine wether our GnuPharma Herbal Supplements are right for you. These are also great for lessening the side effects and withdrawals caused by quitting smoking, alongside other wellness, and pain reducing attributes.

After we have made an assessment of your specific needs and wants, we will help to build you a custom wellness system that will be tailored to show you a new way to meet your wellness goals!


Take our assessment survey and receive product recommendations along with discounts and special offers.



A Gnu Approach

Palm Beach Vapors, is more then just a vape shop. Not only will we help you to improve your over-all health by quitting smoking, we also take a holistic approach to helping you begin your healthier way of life. We have a unique philosophy and approach to vaping. With the combination of personalized service with customer education, and science to help you better achieve your wellness goals. We have trained employees who want to provide the highest quality service, and the best customer education that’s available today.

The PBV approach is very unique. Every customer assessed in a PBV store will be educated, and guided toward a healthier way. After the assessment, we then make sure to recommend a kit that will help with what has been determined during the assessment process. Wether for the fun and relaxation of vaping, or for a more healthier way, we have it all!

PBV Quit Smoking System:

  • Juice of your choice with either nicotine or our HNR Aromatherapies.
  • Vape technology that will deliver your juice with the highest quality flavor.
  • GnuPharma Herbal Supplements that will help get you through the withdrawal period, daily pain, sleep issues or just to help with general health.

PBV Wellness System:

  • GnuVape juice of your choice, that may help with either stress, anxiety, energy, or mood.
  • GnuPharma Herbal Supplements to help with either pain, sleep,energy, immunity, general health or mood.

GnuPharma Herbal Supplements:

  • Relief™ helps aid in reducing the aches and pains you may have and melts away the stress from quitting smoking.
  • Sleep™ helps to ease your mind during the withdrawal period, it also helps you sleep.
  • Foundation™ helps your immune system, energy and mood. Assists in curving that appetite that creeps up on you when trying to quit.
  • spice up your life™

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