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Here you will find commonly asked questions regarding our system.

Lung Shield Base Mixing

Lung Shield base will perform just like old PG/VG bases.  The base has been designed to accept flavors just like a PG/VG base.  Flavor ratio’s should be very close to the same.  One note…citrus flavors tend to bring out the vitamin taste in the base.  The taste is subtle.  You can cover this taste by using smoother’s or sweetner’s.

Lung Shield Base

Palm Beach Vapors, as a system, made the decision to switch to Lung Shield Base as its underlying base product for all of its juice flavors in July of 2014.  Lung Shield base is a base formulation, currently based on Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  The potentially harmful component in existing bases has been removed (Propolyene Glycol – PG) and has been replaced with a micro-nutrient formulation which allows the flavors to be carried and also has some health benefits.

Claims about health benefits of the micro-nutrient formulation can be found on the Lung Shield product website

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

There are two fees that we charge you as a new franchisee.  The first is our franchisee fee itself.  The second fee we charge you for is a make ready package.  This package contains everything you need to open your store including signage, fixtures, furniture, opening inventory, and a POS system.  The franchisee fee is $20,000 and the make ready package is $49,500.  You will need some additional funds for working capital, lease deposit, first months rent, utility deposits, and city and state business license fees.

How did you start this business?

The three partners of Palm Beach Vapors opened their first store in March of 2013.  They wanted to create a store with a different vibe that would not only be fun and comfortable to go into, but has a great set of products and great juice.  We meet with immediate success and have been building the system ever since.

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