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Our Commitment

American Made Quality Vapor Juice

We pride ourselves on the quality of our vapor juice.  We use only the highest quality ingredients.  All of our juice ingredients are from the USA and each ingredient (minus the nicotine) is safe enough to eat, and in fact you probably do eat the ingredients every day.  Additionally our juice system either meets or exceeds the FDA standards for juice production.  You can be assured that if you buy your juice from us, it has meet quality standards, it will be very flavorful, and will be made from known food additives.

Customer Education -

Not sure what you are looking for?  First time in a vapor store?  No problem!  Whether you are a first time vapor user looking for your first kit, or you are an advanced vapor user looking for a rebuilt coil or a cool mod, our staff will be there to assist you.  Our goal is to determine your needs, educate you about the products available, and then get you with the right products that fit your vaping needs.

Affordable -

So, you are a pack a day smoker and you are currently spending somewhere around $50 a week on cigarettes, or around $2500 a year.  When you make the change to vaping, you will make an initial investment in a kit.  The kit will cost somewhere between $45 and $100.  A pack a day smoker will use about a bottle of juice a week and a coil…so about $12.  Yearly cost of smoking cigarettes = $2,600.  Year cost of vaping = $724.

On Going Support -

No matter what your vaping needs, we can help.  Our customer service technicians will be able to answer your questions and help you find what you need.  We are here to help you!

Exchange Policy -

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are able to offer an exchange policy.  We offer a 2 week exchange policy on all of our batteries and mods.  We offer a 1 week exchange policy on all of our non-disposable tanks.

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