We do something a little different where our kits are concerned.  Most Vapor stores will offer you a kit for sale… have to take the battery colors they have available in the kit..and you have to take the tanks/clearmoizers they have available in the kit…

NOT at Palm Beach Vapors!!  We allow you to build your own kit, and we give you a huge discount off the retail price of the items in the kit!  Our kits consist of 2 batteries, 2 tanks/clearmoziers, a USB charger, a wall adapter, a lanyard, a bottle of liquid, and a carry case to put it in.  You choose your battery type and color, you choose your type and color of  tank/clearomizer, you choose your case color, you choose your lanyard style and color, and you choose your liquid flavor.

This allows you to build a custom kit around your needs and preferences!

We have tons of quality product to choose from for your kit building…



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