We wanted to accomplish 3 major goals with our liquid system..

First, to provide the highest quality and incredibly flavored liquids made only with US Kosher grade food products (plus nicotine if desired)…

Second, to provide our customers the ability to combine our base flavors into any flavor combination that they desire.  For instance, we have a base flavor of cheesecake and a base flavor of blueberry.  If a customer wanted a blueberry cheesecake flavor in 18mg nicotine strength we can literally create that flavor in minutes…

And Third, to develop a system where our liquids are consistent across all our locations.  If you like Vanilla Cupcake flavor, then that flavor will be exactly the same, whether you purchase it in Springfield Missouri or Orlando Florida….

We may not call our liquids fancy names like Witch’s Blood or Wookie Cookie, but we promise you that you can create any flavor combination imaginable with our system.

In all of our stores we offer our flavor testing station.  You can come in and try all of our base flavors at our flavor testing station.  We use high quality tanks and ensure our station is sanitary.  All the flavors at our flavor testing station are zero level nicotine.

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