Oklahoma Proud

Executive Summary

The twin companies of Palm Beach Vapors® and GnuPharma® were founded by husband and wife team Chip and Cynthia Paul. The couple, both (now past) cigarette smokers were looking for a better way to quit smoking. In the process they discovered the emerging world of vaping. In almost a personal defensive maneuver, the couple opened their own vape shop to learn and take advantage of this new industry and more importantly its technology and products.

Chip, with a solid history in both ‘inventing and discovery’ and business believed he could create a nicotine replacement in a vape format that could mirror the effects of nicotine without the additional poison included in cigarettes. Cynthia, with a history of business and healthcare felt she could create a ‘new’ type of vape store, one committed to health. And so Palm Beach Vapors and later GnuPharma were born.

During the first year the company drew a lot of press and began franchising their Palm Beach Vapors concept. Within two years, the company had expanded to almost 20 locations across multiple states, and began attracting more attention from the press.

In the interim, while studying addiction in mind and behavior, Chip discovered a new scientific and medical bodily system called the ‘endocannabinoid system’ (ECS) which had only been discovered within the last 20 years. Chip soon learned that while 100’s of studies had been performed on this new ECS, including many with the use of spices, because of traditional medical and scientific practices the majority of these studies fit nicely within the research (Ph.D.’s) or practice (MD’s) area of medicine. As the saying goes the cardiologist had no idea what the rheumatologist was saying. Chip began to take note and began to develop a taxonomy that could show, effect and even begin to predict the ‘entourage effect’ of these spices across the different disease states studied, thereby being able to affect multiple parts of the body in more comprehensively supporting the body in its interrelationship of biological and neurological systems.