Our Concept

Palm Beach Vapors is completely different from any vaping business around: light , refreshing, and completely inviting. We even train our employees with an obsession to provide the highest quality service, and the best customer education, that’s available today.

Oh yeah, and one more feature. You know those flavors the other stores were constantly running out of? Well, here at Palm Beach Vapors we have developed a system for creating e-liquids on site, ensuring that you never ran out of that special flavor!

Light, refreshing, & completely inviting… 

Our customer service is unrivaled

  • Engagement: we will acknowledge, listen, and help you through your quit smoking challenges.
  • Executional excellence: we will patiently all of our products and how to use them.
  • Brand experience: our exciting store design, atmosphere, and consistent high quality products.
  • Expediting: we are sensitive to your time, we will make you shopping experience as quick as possible.
  • Problem solving: we will help to resolve any issues with product to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Why go anywhere else for you’re vaping needs!

Become part of the first, e-cigarette franchise today!

What else makes our concept special?

Our Proprietary Juice System

We created our juices system with three goals in mind:

  1. We wanted the highest quality US sourced ingredients. As a franchisee, you would purchase your concentrated flavoring and base direct from us. This allows us complete control over the components and quality of our juice across the system.
  2. A system that would ensure our franchisees the highest margins possible, on every bottle of juice sold. With our DIY system, our franchisees only have approximately $.75- $1.00 in every bottle of juice they manufacture in their stores. This system allows our franchisees very large profit margins on their juice.
  3. Our system is very flexible for the franchisee but more importantly for the customer. You can fully customize your flavors to better suit your taste and needs. Wether you want one flavor or five, we can mix anything you like. Or you may choose from any of our proprietary flavors on our menu and customize with a  boost. Make is sweet, sour, spicy or minty cool with one of our flavor boosts.