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Franchise FAQs


Do I need special experience?

Sales and/or retail experience is beneficial, but not required. Our franchise partners have come from all walks of life and careers.

How much money can I make?

Unfortunately, by law we cannot answer that question or make representations. We recommend you speak with some of our operators and discuss the sales potential, staffing and costs of doing business. This should enable you to gain a pretty clear understanding of the business potential.

How much time do I have to commit?

Most of our stores are open seven days a week. We are open on Sunday’s due to most other vapor stores NOT being open on Sunday. Suggested business hours are from 10am until 8pm. We recommend having a store manager, which would allow you to spend more time working “ON” the business instead of working “IN” the business.

What are the staffing requirements?

Stores can be open and closed with one employee. We would suggest that there should be a minimum of two people working in the store during peak times.

How easy is it to find a location?

We’ve had no problem finding good locations for Palm Beach Vapors. Of course we look at all of our key criteria to evaluate locations with local demographics, visibility, access, neighboring tenants, rent amount, square footage and tenant improvement requirements. Our real estate partner is available to assist in finding the right location for your business.

Can I source my own products?

With approval. We want our stores to have a consistent product offering. That being said we want and encourage you to try new products, we just want to make sure they fit our quality and manufacturing standards. Our brand has been built upon quality products and vapor juice, so please keep in mind that customer experience and value perception is key to your growth.

How long does it take to get open?

This is most often dependent on the time it takes to secure a location. Once the location has been secured, it typically takes 45-90 days to open. Of course, we will work diligently on shortening that timeline to the best of our ability.

How much should I have in working capital to operate my business?

It is a good practice to have a minimum six months working capital to operate and market your business.

What is my role as a business owner/operator?

The most successful business are those where the owner serves the business in a management and marketing role. The business owner would be responsible for training / managing staff, ordering products, business performance analysis, customer relations, marketing, community outreach, education and new business development.

Why is franchising better than opening an independent location?

National statistics (Source: International Franchise Association) show that 80% of franchised businesses are open after 5 years of operations. In contrast, only 20% of independents are operating after 5 years. This is due to a number of factors to include a proven business model, experienced support, business performance intelligence, brand, and other factors. Why spend the time and money required to launch and operate an independent business when a franchise offers just about everything you need and you have a support for the life of your business?

Is there a potential future change in state or federal laws that may affect our business?

We cannot predict what state or national laws may come down the road. We do know we are completely complaint with all federal and FDA regulations. At present we are not aware of any such legislation that will affect your ability to operate a Palm Beach Vapors. Keep in mind that the net result of the industry is to help people reduce or end their dependency on tobacco use. We’re saving lives.

Lung Shield Base Mixing

Lung Shield base will perform just like old PG/VG bases.  The base has been designed to accept flavors just like a PG/VG base.  Flavor ratio’s should be very close to the same.  One note…citrus flavors tend to bring out the vitamin taste in the base.  The taste is subtle.  You can cover this taste by using smoother’s or sweetner’s.

Lung Shield Base

Palm Beach Vapors, as a system, made the decision to switch to Lung Shield Base as its underlying base product for all of its juice flavors in July of 2014.  Lung Shield base is a base formulation, currently based on Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  The potentially harmful component in existing bases has been removed (Propolyene Glycol – PG) and has been replaced with a micro-nutrient formulation which allows the flavors to be carried and also has some health benefits.

Claims about health benefits of the micro-nutrient formulation can be found on the Lung Shield product website

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

There are two fees that we charge you as a new franchisee.  The first is our franchisee fee itself.  The second fee we charge you for is a make ready package.  This package contains everything you need to open your store including signage, fixtures, furniture, opening inventory, and a POS system.  The franchisee fee is $20,000 and the make ready package is $49,500.  You will need some additional funds for working capital, lease deposit, first months rent, utility deposits, and city and state business license fees.

How did you start this business?

The three partners of Palm Beach Vapors opened their first store in March of 2013.  They wanted to create a store with a different vibe that would not only be fun and comfortable to go into, but has a great set of products and great juice.  We meet with immediate success and have been building the system ever since.

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