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Great Business Model

The Palm Beach Vapor Franchise

There’s no denying that the vapor business continues to grow at a rapid pace and shows no end in sight. With over 140 million smokers, representing 18% of our population, we firmly believe that our vapor stores have no shortage of potential. The key to any successful business is meeting demand with quality products, great customer service and an incredible customer experience. Visit a Palm Beach Vapor Store and you’ll see just what we mean and instantly understand how our model not only differs from the competition, but also how it is strides ahead.

Customer Loyalty and Frequency

Palm Beach Vapor Franchises are continually having new customers visiting to get started with what is called “vaping”, the term that has replaced “smoking”. We understand that they are going to walk through those doors with lots of questions and we have trained our staff to offer assistance, advice, and compassion. We’re not looking for single transaction customers, we’re all about relationship building (trust building). Once customers are hooked on vaping, we see them regularly to supply them with vapor juice and filters. We’re always sharing the latest news about vaping with our customers, showing them latest products and keeping them informed.

Low Operating Costs

Operating a Palm Beach Vapor Franchise does not require a large investment in inventory, nor does it have big operating costs. Our locations are typically located in areas with modest rents and your staffing expense is quite reasonable based on the operating model. Advertising and marketing expenses are required to launch the business effectively, but keep in mind that many of our customers are actively seeking you out. We also help you secure the right location, which will provide you with the visibility and access you need to grow your business without heavy advertising costs.

Operational Efficiencies

Palm Beach Vapors has carefully reviewed each and every process within our stores to create efficiencies and reduce unnecessary costs. Our comprehensive operations manual provides each and every franchise owner with instructions for every aspect of the business. Our focus has been to minimize expenses, increase output and create the highest level of customer satisfaction. You’ll learn everything from product ordering, to marketing to mixing vapor juice at different nicotine levels into hundreds of flavors. Sounds complicated, but we make it easy.

Palm Beach Vapor Franchises

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