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We know that when you go into business, every penny counts. We’ve worked diligently to develop what we call a “make ready package”, which is just about everything you’ll need to launch your Palm Beach Vapor Franchise Store. Please understand that you’ll require working capital and it is wise to have a “nest egg” to provide for your families needs as you grow the business.

Item Amount
Franchise Fee $20,000
Make Ready Package $49,500
Deposits, etc $5,500
Total Investment $75,000


Palm Beach Vapors does not offer in-house financing, we recommend you visit with your local banker to discuss your options for business financing. If you have a 401K, there is a way to tap into your 401K dollars without the typical penalty. For more information visit or, both can assist you with what is know as a 401K roll-over to fund your new business.

Market Criteria

We have found that the most successful stores capture and retain an immediate population of around 15,000. We recommend market sizes of 15,000 in population. If your location is in a smaller community than 15,000 please talk to us as these location could also be very successful.

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