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Skyrocketing Demand

Unprecedented Growth

There’s no question that the vapor industry is exploding, with retail sales nearing $3 billion dollars per year. In fact, by 2018 the industry is expected to hit $10 billion dollars globally. What’s also great about our timing is that just recently vaping has become mainstream and has gained widespread acceptance. No longer do people have preconceived notions about switching to vapor from cigarettes. It is proven and more and more people are walking in our doors ready to turn over a new leaf.


Customers Are Motivated to Quit Tobacco Products

If you haven’t noticed, those who smoke are looked at negatively by their peers and society as a whole. The past 20 years have brought about sweeping changes to where people can and can’t smoke, with most restaurants and hotels banning smoking on the premises. More importantly, smokers are very likely to have cancer and other serious medical problems. Smokers are getting scared and many know they have to quit.

Unlike other retail stores, we just don’t sell products – we sell solutions. Although most of our customers learn to like vaping better than they like smoking because of the wide variety of flavors they can get, their primary reason for vaping is to quit smoking.

 Customers Seeking Trusted Advice

Customers new to vaping are filled with questions and are seeking advice. They don’t know where to start and are most often not sure what they really need. Our staff are trained to educate and advise customers, providing them with logical options.

We have a customer pledge wall in each and every store, showcasing the last pack of cigarettes, abandoned lighters and a signature of our customer that represents their commitment. It’s an extremely powerful wall to experience, especially as they add their pledge to the wall.

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