When the electronic cigarette industry began, a juice system had to be determined.  By juice system, we mean, the liquid contained in the tank of the electronic cigarette which is vaporized or "vaped".  In order to create “vape” or the smoking sensation, a glycerin or glycol had to be used.  The e-cig industry considered many things including Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PEG400, other PEG’s, and several others.  Ultimately the industry decided on a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol for the best product safety.  While you cannot consider propylene glycol completely safe, far more was known about its safety issues then that of PEG400 or any of the other PEG’s.

Because of the selection of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) this dictated a “water” based system for the electronic cigarette.  This makes it difficult to add oils if needed.


We approached GnuVape as an engineering project with these goals:

  • We wanted a safe and inert system composed mainly of vegetable glycerin
  • We wanted a very flexible system
  • We wanted an oil based system, or at least a system capable of carrying oils

We chose these design goals because we wanted a vaporization system capable of medical delivery…complete safety.

What is in GnuVape

GnuVape is composed of only water, vegetable glycerine, and a sprinkle of our specialized kosher protein.  There is certainly a process to build it, but the end product is composed only of vegetable glycerin, water, and less than 1% by weight of our specialized protein.  GnuVape will perform like a powerful combiner, but is completely organic.

GnuVape Target Markets

Electronic cigarette:  The GnuVape system can be tuned for the e-cig market (GnuVape-E).  The GnuVape-E will work in most existing electronic cigarette hardware.  GnuVape-E uses oil based flavoring, which can produce flavoring that is deeper and richer than current water based flavors.  GnuVape-E contains no propylene glycol (PG).

Cannabis:  The GnuVape system for cannabis (GnuVape-C) is very safe and flexible.  GnuVape-C contains no harmful chemicals such as PEG400.  GnuVape-C has an “oil phase” and a “water phase” allowing a myriad combination of products.  Concentration can also be controlled with GnuVape-C.

Nutraceutical:  The GnuVape system for the nutra market (GnuVape-N) is safe, flexible, and dynamic.  GnuVape-N contains medical grade ingredients.  GnuVape-N  has an “oil phase” and a “water phase” allowing a myriad combination of products.  Concentration can also be controlled with GnuVape-N.

Medical:  The GnuVape system for the medical market (GnuVape-M) extends great promise to the medical community.  A safe vaporization system for medical delivery of both oil based and water based medications.

GnuVape Targeted Licensing

GnuVape licensing is current available across markets.  GnuVape will be licensed for specific products in specific markets.  Have an idea?  Give us a call!